My grandma, Motoko, was a Japanese War Bride who came to America in a boat at 23. She left everything she knew in Japan to make a new life away from her occupied home land. A common procedure for a new bride was to take bride training on a US base. Women were taught how to be a good house wife, how to walk properly in heels and how to make popular American meals. The trainers would use a popular saying in Japan to prepare the brides for what was ahead. They would say expect to, “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” 

In the world of sports and team following, you may have one magical season in your life if you’re lucky enough, where the team you invest in comes out as champions. You have to get used to lots falling and coming up short time and time again. Sports are about the nights we spend enjoying games with friends and family, the hours listening to podcasts, reading Tweets and articles, debating roster moves and projecting the future of our team’s success with the people around us we care about. 

Motoko taught us to take the good with the bad and go for the life you want. When I was mulling over a name that expressed the passion and connections with people you get from sports, her name was the only one that kept coming back to me. Welcome to Motoko. A place for us to celebrate sports and community.